Mystery Period Pants

  • £18.00

Let’s be honest, periods are crap. Total crap. And the traditional options of period hygiene (namely pads or tampons) usually made an uncomfortable situation worse. The recent introduction of period pants has been a total gamechanger for many but, is it just me, or are they kinda…well… boring?

Well not any more! Introducing the Sewing Circus Period Pants! Made with our usual choices of cracking GOTS certified jersey, the gusset has a super-absorbant inner sandwiched between a moisture wicking mesh liner to keep you comfy and a waterproof outer to keep you leak free. Will you get super cute sea creatures, space orbits or even Wizard of Oz? It could be anything, but fear not - we at Sewing Circus don't do boring! 

The pants are based on our usual Mystery Pants, with a pattern amended from the bloody brilliant Stitch Upon A Time Scrundlewear, so they have plenty of coverage to keep you feeling secure. I classify these pants as suitable for a medium flow. That said, my period is going to be different from your period so I urge you to “wear in” your pants around the house before you pop out rollerblading in cycle shorts/mountaineering/triatholon-ing (yes, I know that’s not a word). Due to the nature of the fabric, you *may* eventually find some staining on the legbands but a soak in some cold water should sort you out. 

*FYI - pants can also be made in ages 8-12yrs. Just get in touch at and we'll get you sorted ;-)*

All items are handmade to order, please allow 28 days for delivery

95% cotton

Handmade in Wales with pride